Terms and conditions of sale

Please read carefully through the Terms and Conditions of Sale of the website (hereafter known as T&Cs). The present T&Cs govern the sale of products by the company IDcreaLab (hereafter known as ‘The Company’) available on the websites www.sophievictor.com and/or www.sophievictor.fr (hereafter known as ‘the Website’). By creating an account on the website and/or by making an order you agree to accept and be bound by the current T&Cs. If you do not agree to be bound by the T&Cs or if you are not in agreement with any element of the T&Cs, click on ‘I do not agree’. By refusing to accept the T&Cs you will not be able to purchase any products from the Sophie Victor range on the site. Access to the site is by electronic means. Click on ‘I accept’ to accept the T&Cs.

IDcreaLab is a société SASU, with a capital of €10,000 registered at the RCS of Versailles number 794 254 268, with headquarters at BP 70223 78102 St Germain en Laye cedex (hereafter known as ‘The Company’).
The website is managed by the company IDcreaLab. You can contact the Customer Service team by email at serviceclient@sophievictor.com or by post at: IDcreaLab, Service Customer, BP 70223 78102 St Germain en Laye cedex.
The present Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by French law.
The fact of one party making a claim against the other regarding one of the obligations stipulated in the present Terms and Conditions does not mean that all obligations or rights have been renounced.

Customer: any person physical or moral wishing to buy a product on the e-boutique of the site and who creates an account to that effect.
Customer account: A personalized space exclusive to the Customer, accessed with a user name and a password, via which the Customer may purchase products made by the SOPHIE VICTOR label, find a record of past purchases or record a selection of goods (wish-list), as well as locate invoices from purchases made during the preceding five years.
Advertiser: a person, physical or moral, an enterprise that is commercial, industrial or a cottage industry, wishing to promote their site, products or services by broadcasting advertising via the website.
Cookies: A cookie is a small data file that is sent to the hard drive of a computer during a visit to the Website that allows the computer to be recognized when it is navigating the site.
Personal information: the term Personal Information refers to a data group concerning the Customer (specifically but not limited to first name, last name, sex, age, profile photo, interests, networks, groups to which he or she belongs, friends) which the Customer decides to publish on his or her account, specifically on his or her profile.
Collection: refers to the designs in the SOPHIE VICTOR collections which are not specially created at the request of the Customer
Made to measure: refers to designs made to the specifications of the Customer
Website: refers to the Internet site SOPHIE VICTOR accessible via the addresses www.sophievictor.com and www.sophievictor.fr. The website is made up of a section ‘collection’, an e-boutique and an area for Customer accounts.
SOPHIE VICTOR: refers to the trademark ‘Sophie Victor’.

The website’s mission is to sell IDcreaLab products. The products made by the company are handbags that are adjustable and can be configured by the Customer, sold under the trademarked brand name SOPHIE VICTOR.
The concept and the styles of the bags are protected by copyright and the designs have been filed.
A SOPHIE VICTOR bag is composed of several elements joined together by one or more zips: the body of the bag and renewable elements (pockets, handles). For a given model these elements are interchangeable and available in different colors and materials.
An initial purchase is composed of:
• a complete bag
• a set of interchangeable elements in different colors or materials, adapted to the complete bag and which depending on the model may be chosen by the Customer.
For a first order the steps are the following:
1 - Choice of basic model;
2 - Choice of colorway and/or material of a series of interchangeable elements to go with the model of handbag chosen;
3 - Choice of an additional set of interchangeable elements to go with the model of handbag chosen, if a choice is offered. Where a choice is not available, the color and material of the accessories are imposed.
The complete bag and the additional set of elements cannot be separated and constitute one single product.
The product may be a model from the collection (hereafter called the ‘Collection’), or may be designed according to the Customer’s specifications (hereafter called ‘Made to Measure’). In the latter case the Customer chooses the colors and materials from those available on the Website (see article 5 and article 11).
Subsequently the Customer may, if he or she wishes, buy further kits of interchangeable elements from the same collection or created according to their own specifications.

The present T&Cs are applicable to every order made by the Customer (hereafter the ‘Customer’) of the Company, via the Website, in the version that is current when the order is made.
The Customer declares that he or she is aware of and has accepted the T&Cs as well as all rights and obligations ensuing thereof, before placing an order. Placing an order means that the Customer accepts these T&Cs.
All deliveries, services and offers made by the Company are exclusively governed by the present T&Cs, unless a different written agreement has been signed. Any term to the contrary relied on by the customer is unenforceable against the Company. The Company cannot be contractually bound by any document other than the present T&Cs, including any prospectus or catalogue or photo of the Website, all of which have only a suggested value.
The Company reserves the right to modify the present T&Cs at any time. The T&Cs applicable are those that are applicable at the time that the order is placed.
The Customer may become acquainted with the T&Cs at any time on the Website.

The Customer confirms that he or she is over 18 and has legal capacity or that he or she has parental permission to place an order on the Website.
Only those who have the legal capacity to sign contracts for the products sold on the Website may place an order on the Website of the Company.
The Customer must be legally resident in one of the following countries: France and countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, United States of America, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Israel.
For any other country of residence, please make a specific enquiry to the following address: serviceCustomer@sophievictor.com.
Every order placed through the e-boutique of the Website must correspond to the normal requirements of a private individual.

5.1 Internet connection
In order to use the Website services offered by the Company, the Customer must have access to the Internet or a 3G or 4G connection. Any costs associated with this access are the sole responsibility of the Customer. In addition the Customer must procure, at his or her own cost, any and all materials necessary to ensure a connection via the Internet or a mobile phone.

5.2 Registration Conditions
Before making his or her first order on the Website, the Customer must create an account, by filling in the online registration form, and accepting the current valid T&Cs.
By agreeing to the registration form the Customer fully accepts the T&Cs without reserve.
By registering on the Website the Customer agrees to provide all information, precise, up to date and honest, and agrees to inform the Company without delay of any change to these details.
These details include the precise identity of the Customer, including his or her civil status (first name, last name, date and place of birth), email address and postal address. If the Customer is a corporate body these details will include the company name and its trading name, the postal address of the company’s headquarters and/ or the name of the Director of the company, its email address, the name of a contact and/or the name of their Director.

5.3 User name and password
When the present T&Cs have been accepted, the Customer’s user name (henceforth ‘User name’) and password (henceforth ‘Password’) are supplied to the Customer in order to allow him or her to access the services offered by the Website. The Customer may at any moment choose to change his or her password and use the one of his or her choice, as long as it is in accordance with the security requirements demanded by the Website.
The system runs a test of uniqueness of the Password and the User name. For security and confidentiality reasons only the combination of the two codes will allow the Customer to gain access to his or her account.
The User name and the Password provide proof of the Customer’s identity and he or she is responsible for any use of these two codes by an intermediary. They have the same value as an electronic signature as decreed in article 1316-4 of the Civil Code.
The Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his or her User name and Password and is responsible for any activities that are undertaken with this Username.
He or she is solely responsible for any consequences which may arise as a result from the use of his or her Username and Password by a third party.
The Customer agrees not to authorize a third party to use his or her account(s), Username(s) or Password(s) at any time, and to inform the Company immediately of any non-authorized use, actual or suspected, of his or her accounts, Usernames, and/or Passwords, or of any other suspected breach of this agreement.
The Company reserves the right to change or update the Username, at its discretion, and will inform the Customer of this change by email.
The Company reserves the right to terminate any Username and Password which the Company has reasonably established as possibly having been used by a non-authorized third party or by any individual other than the Customer to whom the Username and/or Password have been given.

5.4 Storage of details
The Personal Information received as part of the creation of a customer account as well as the IP addresses collected directly by the Society when the they are used by the Customer for the services of the e-boutique of the Website, are treated according to the same rules protecting personal details.
All the elements relating to the use of a Customer Account (content, personal information, details of the connection) will be saved and archived by the Company.
The Company reserves the right to invoke, for probationary purposes, every act, file, and record, on all the platforms which the IT platform determines, received or preserved directly or indirectly by the Society in a database.
The Society promises to communicate such information only if petitioned by a French authorized judicial or administrative authority, or an authority related to the country in which they are processed and/or stocked.
The Company may also use the IP address to identify any Customer who contravenes the present regulations or who causes any damage to the Company. In such cases, the Company will be justified in transmitting connection details to the appropriate authorities.
Finally, the Customer is informed that the Company retains all these details in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in France.
In accordance with the modified Law n° 78-17 of January 6th 1978, called the Loi Informatique et Liberté, the Customer has the right of consultation, modification and withdrawal of all Personal Information concerning him or her that have been collected by the Company. These rights can be exercised by writing to the following address: IDCreaLab, Direction Qualité, BP 70223 78102 St Germain en Laye cedex.

5.5 Publicity / Advertisers
The Customer is duly informed and accepts without reserve that Advertisers may use the Website for publicity and/or promotional purposes. Targeted behavioral publicity campaigns (or retargeting) may be carried out. For the best use of the Website’s services, it is recommended that the Customer accepts Cookies. However, the Customer is duly informed that, in accordance with the Loi Informatique et Liberté, he or she may reject cookies by modifying his or her computer settings.

All the goods offered on the Website conform to current French legislation and to norms applicable in France.
The Company will not be held responsible in the case of non-respect of the legislation of the country where the goods are delivered.
The photographs illustrating the goods are published for illustrative purposes only. The Company is not responsible in the case of a difference of color between the photograph and the actual product. As the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will accurately reflect the color of the product on delivery.
The products are described and presented with the greatest precision possible. If however minor errors or omissions have come about in the presentation of the product the Company will not be held responsible.

Two types of article are offered for sale on the Website of the Company:
• Articles called ‘Model-Collection’, as described for sale and coming directly from stock;
• Articles called ‘Made to Measure,’ assembled and/or made according to the Customer’s specifications with choice of colors and materials limited to those available when the order is made. The Customer chooses a color and a material for each of the interchangeable elements purchased.
The Company recommends that the Customer take the necessary time and care in choosing colors and materials which work together. The Customer alone is responsible for the selection of colors in aesthetic terms and the responsibility of the Company can under no circumstances be invoked if the Customer is not satisfied with the order, specifically in the case of ‘made to measure’ articles created according to the request of the Customer.

Goods are subject to availability.
The Company commits to inform the Customer by email when an article is no longer available.
In the event that a debit has been made for an article that is unavailable, the Company commits to reimburse the Customer the full sum within 15 days.

After an order has been placed, the Company will send a confirmation email.
The sale will only be considered definitive once the order confirmation has been sent.
The goods remain the property of the Company until full payment has been made.
Once the order is confirmed, the Customer will receive an email invoice pertaining to the sale.
When the Customer ‘double clicks’ to confirm the purchase, this double click constitutes an electronic signature that has the same value between the two parties as a handwritten signature.
Every order made to the Company is definitive for the Customer subject to the application of the legal time limit for the ‘cooling off’ period as applicable at the time of purchase (cf Article 12 – RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL).

The prices of the goods are shown in euros, and include all taxes.
The offers and products are valid as long as they are shown on the e-boutique of the Website, subject to availability.
In spite of all the best efforts of the Company, it is possible that an erroneous price is shown for a product. The Customer is however guaranteed that the Company will verify the price at the point when the goods are sent out.
The Company will inform the Customer who may cancel the order unless he or she chooses to make the order at the new price.

10.1 General policies
The Customer can pay for purchases by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard) or, exceptionally, by bank transfer.
The amount of the order will be debited no later than six (6) days after the order has been placed.
Purchases made on the Website are made in complete security; the security and confidentiality of all bank details handed over by the Customer via the Website to an authorized banking establishment is guaranteed a secure environment (protocol SSL).
In the context of payments made by electronic means, and in order to combat fraudulent use of means of payment by Internet, the Company may choose to verify the trustworthiness of the details given by the Customer when placing the order.
The Company reserves the right to ask for additional documentation (photocopy of proof of identity, i.e. ID card or passport, or proof of residence) in order to validate and send out the Customer’s purchase. Such requests will be made either by email or by telephone:
For an order with a delivery address that is different to the billing address;
• For new Customers;
• For an order over 300 euros (including tax).
The Company retains ownership of the articles until full payment, including VAT and postage and packaging, has been received.

10.2 Payment by credit card
In order to guarantee the security of payment, the Company uses the secured payment service of
All confidential details (16 figure credit card number, expiry date) are directly transmitted in encrypted form to the server(s) of CYBERPLUS PAIEMENT without being routed via the physical platform of the server of the Company Website.

10.3 Payment by bank transfer
In the case of an order being placed with a special invoice, payment by bank transfer will be authorized. The bank details of the Company will appear on the invoice.

11.1 Delivery Address
The goods will be delivered to the delivery address provided by the Customer at the time of the order being placed.
If a delivery address is not provided, the order will be delivered to the billing address. In the event of an error on the address label as provided by the Customer, the Company will not be held responsible for being unable to deliver the goods.
Goods purchased on the Website may be delivered to the following countries: France and countries in the European Union, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Israel.
The Company is unable to deliver to a post office box, an address with ‘Secteur Postal’, poste restante, or ‘armored’ letterboxes.

11.2 Means of delivery
The goods are sent to the Customer by a postal delivery service whose details will be sent to the Customer when the order has been validated.

11.3 Postal costs
The postal costs are to be paid by the Customer and the sum is indicated on the order summary.
The total sum of postage and package (all taxes included) is calculated based on the weight and the volume of the various articles ordered by the Customer. The sum includes insurance for the goods ordered to cover transit up until delivery.
In general, the choice of type of delivery depends on the value of the goods.
For deliveries outside Metropolitan France, Andorra, Corsica and Monaco, the Company will arrange for an estimated cost to be sent to the Customer.

11.4 Delivery schedule
For ‘Models from the Collection’, and unless there are specific problems with delivery schedules due to holiday periods, the Customer will receive the goods within 14 days from the date when the order was placed.
This refers to an average delivery schedule based on the destination, means of delivery and the availability of the article in question. Any delay in the delivery time does not lead to a cancelation of the order, any reduction in price paid by the purchaser, or any demand for damages or interest to be paid, as long as the Customer receives the goods within 30 working days after the date when the order was placed.
In the event of the non-delivery of a purchase after 30 working days a reimbursement by cheque will be made in lieu of the non-delivered goods.
For Made to Measure articles, the Customer will receive the goods within a maximum of 4 – 5 weeks. The Customer will be regularly informed by email of each stage in the process of the fabrication and the delivery.
The Company cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any consequences of any delay in delivery by one of its contractors.

11.5 Delivery tracking
Once the Customer has chosen and validated his or her means of delivery and has validated his or her means of payment, an order number – which the Company recommends the Customer print and save - will be generated.
The customer may use the reference number of the package, which will be sent by email to the Customer, in order to track the package via the website of the delivery company, and follow the different stages of the delivery.
In the event that the Customer’s purchase has not arrived within 15 days of the indicated delivery date, please contact our Customer Service department by email at the following address: serviceCustomer@sophievictor.com

11.6 Receipt of package
The Company takes the greatest possible care in the preparation and packaging of its products. Each product is wrapped in a cloth cover, followed by a recyclable plastic cover and then placed in a cardboard box to be posted. The Customer must however check the contents of the parcel on reception.
The Customer must write on the proof of delivery note, with a handwritten signature, if there is any problem with the delivery (damaged goods, etc).
This verification is presumed to have been carried out once the proof of delivery note has been signed by the Customer, or by a person authorized by him or her.
The Customer must equally confirm any problems, by recorded post to the transporter, within 3 working days of the article(s) being received, and send a copy of this letter to Customer Service at Sophie Victor.
If any of the goods need to be returned to the Company they must be sent no later than 7 working days after delivery. Any claim made after this period will not be accepted.
The goods must be returned in their original packaging, with all labels still attached and the purchase note.
If, on reception of the delivery, the packaging is in any way damaged or torn, or has been opened, the Customer must check the condition of the goods. If they have been damaged, the package must be refused and the reason for this refusal must be noted on the delivery note (package refused because of damage or because it has been opened).

12.1 Made to Measure
The Website offers the Customer a wide range of colors and materials to choose from.
When a Customer chooses a made to measure article, and chooses the colors and materials of each adaptable element that he or she purchases, the bag selected is a unique model that has been created according to the specifications of the Customer.
Bearing in mind the unique and personalized nature of the made to measure article, it cannot be either returned, or exchanged, in accordance with article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code:
‘The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised, unless the parties have otherwise agreed, for contracts: (…) 3° where goods have been made according to the specifications of the consumer, or are clearly personalized.’
In this case the Customer may not invoke any right of retraction. Thus, the Company recommends that the Customer takes the time and care necessary for the design and fabrication of his or her purchase.

12.2 Collection Models
In accordance with article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, the Customer has a right to a period of seven (7) full days from the date of reception of his or her goods to exercise his or her right of withdrawal without having to provide any reason nor pay any penalty:
‘The consumer has a period of seven full days to exercise his or her right of retraction without having to furnish any reason or pay any penalty, unless, if necessary, the postal costs for the return of the goods. The consumer may contravene this time limit if he or she is unable to make the journey and/or simultaneously he or she needs to ask for any immediate and necessary aid necessary for survival. In that case he or she will continue to have the right of retraction without being required to justify a reason or to pay a penalty.
The time limit stated in the previous paragraph runs from the moment that the goods are received, for actual goods, or the acceptance of an offer, for services rendered.
In the event that the information contained in article L. 121-19 has not been provided, the time limit for exercising the right of retraction is increased to three months. Nevertheless, once the information has been provided, within three months from the reception of the goods or the acceptance of an offer, the time limit of seven days cited in the previous paragraph starts to run.
When the seven day time limit runs out on a Saturday or a Sunday or a bank holiday or a non-working day, it is prolonged until the first working day that follows.’
Only products from the Collection benefit from the right to withdrawal.
The cooling off period is respected if the Customer returns the goods within the aforementioned time limit, or informs the Company that he or she wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal within the same time limit.
The notification of the right of withdrawal should be addressed to the Company by post, to Customer Service, at the following address: IDCreaLab, Service Customer, BP 70223 78102 St Germain en Laye cedex.
The goods must be returned to the Company in their original packaging, with all accessories, in perfect condition, so that they can be sold again as new, along with a copy of proof of purchase.
When the Customer has purchased, in his or her original purchase, a product that is composed of a bag and a kit of interchangeable elements, the product must be returned in its entirety (bag, kit of interchangeable elements, cotton covers).
If the product is returned incomplete, for example the bag without the kit, or vice versa, the return cannot be accepted by the Company.
All articles returned incomplete, damaged or dirty will not be taken back.
The postal costs for returning articles are to be borne entirely by the Customer.
In case of the exercising of the right of withdrawal within the aforementioned time limit, the cost of the goods returned will be entirely reimbursed to the Customer by bank transfer to the account given for that purpose, within the shortest time possible, no more than 30 days after the right of withdrawal has been exercised. The Customer may, if he or she chooses, at the suggestion of the Company, choose another means of reimbursement (exchange, credit note or gift voucher).

13.1 Legal guarantee
SOPHIE VICTOR products are covered by a legal guarantee of conformity as well as a guarantee against hidden defects, according to current legal provisions (articles L211-1 à L212-1 of the Consumer Code – articles 1641 à 1649 of the Civil Code).
The legal guarantee does not cover normal usage, accidental damage or damage caused by the use of solvents or by abnormal usage of the product.
SOPHIE VICTOR products are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects. If such a fault occurs, the Company agrees to repair the product at no cost to the Customer or to exchange it. In case of exchange, the faulty goods will not be returned.
As part of the implementation of legal guarantees, the Company invites the Customer to contact the Customer Service department without delay at the following address: IDcreaLab, Service Customer, BP 70223 78102 St Germain en Laye cedex. Customer Service will, after verification, provide details to the Customer about how to return the goods.

13.2 IDcreaLab Guarantee
The Company agrees to take all necessary care according to the norms of the profession to provide service to the Customer.
The Company commits as far as possible to guarantee the services that are the subject of these current T&Cs.

The Company cannot be held responsible in case of a breach of its contractual obligations arising from unforeseen circumstances or a case of force majeure as defined by rulings made by French jurisdictions.
The Company is responsible for all direct and foreseeable damage, at the time of use of the Website, or at the conclusion of the contract of sale between the Company and the Customer.
The Company will endeavor to ensure that the Website is accessible at all times, but nonetheless reserves the right to suspend access to the site for brief periods and without warning for the purpose of maintenance, without this giving the Customer the right to any compensation.
The Company cannot be held responsible for any difference in the perception of color between the photograph of a product and the actual product, specifically with regard to any difference in perception (materials/colors) which result from the way your monitor displays colors, or the choice of customized details in the case of a Made to Measure bag, even if it has been bought as a gift.
The Company cannot be held responsible for an order that has been placed by a minor whether or not a parent has authorized the order.
Moreover, we cannot be considered either responsible or in default for any delay or failure to fulfill an order following an episode of force majeure.

All products, accessories and elements of these products are subject to the right of personal use. The Customer must make sure to avoid all counterfeiting and the practicing of all unauthorized rights.
Any reproduction, whether partial or full, without the express agreement of the Company, is forbidden except for in the case private and personal use, and excluding any commercial purpose whatsover.
SOPHIE VICTOR is a registered trademark.

As per the present T&Cs, the Customer authorizes the Company to collect, process and use his or her personal details in the context of processing an order.
In every instance, in accordance with the law n°78-17 of 06 January 1978, the Customer can at any time oppose the commercial use of the aforementioned details. He or she benefits from a right of access, rectification and removal of all personal details that concern him or her. Every demand relating to this present article must be addressed by post to the Company, at the following address: IDcreaLab, For the Attention of the Director, BP 70223, 78102 St Germain en Laye cedex, including, if possible, the Customer reference number in the heading.
Furthermore, for all orders over 300 euros (including tax), the Company agrees to preserve for a period of 10 consecutive years all documents pertaining to the transaction. The Company guarantees access to these details at any time, on request by post to the following address: IDcreaLab, Service Customer, BP 70223, 78102 St Germain en Laye cedex.

The Website uses is likely to use plug-ins for the social network Facebook, and other social networks.
Thus, when the Customer consults a page on the Website that contains a plug-in, his or her navigator will connect to Facebook servers or those of another competing or complementary social network. If the Customer is connected to Facebook or another social network whilst navigating the Website, Facebook may directly link his or her visit to his or her Facebook page.
The buttons and the areas that present Facebook content may appear on the Website to make it a more ‘social’ experience. The content of these social modules comes directly from Facebook. When the Customer clicks on ‘like’, ‘fan’ or ‘comment’ on a social networking module, his or her activity is published on Facebook and made visible to his or her Facebook friends, who will then see the module on the same site. Things that you ‘like’ on Facebook may also appear on your profile (you can control and customize what is visible on your profile in your Facebook Settings). The Website may also contain buttons that allow the Customer to become a ‘fan’ of SOPHIE VICTOR’s Facebook page. All these details will be transmitted and recorded on Facebook’s server.
All of these actions make it possible to receive information about SOPHIE VICTOR products in the messaging service of Facebook or of a competing or complementary social network as well as on the Customer’s ‘Wall’, depending on the possibilities proposed by the social networks in their current form or according to functions which may be redefined by the aforesaid networks in the future.
The Company cannot be held responsible for the usage which Facebook or any other social network or any third party may make of the buttons ‘like’, ‘fan’, ‘comment’ or the equivalent, in their current form or any future evolution.
If the Customer does not wish Facebook to link these details collected through the intermediary of the Website, the user must disconnect from Facebook before visiting the Website.

If one of the articles of these T&Cs is or becomes invalid or non-invocable, the validity of all the other articles is in no way affected. The article that is invalid or non-invocable will be replaced by other applicable legal articles.

The present Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by French law.
All litigation that may ensue relating to the interpretation and/or the execution of the present terms and conditions will be subject to the competent jurisdictions of PARIS.